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Iran launched another rocket into space.

Iran launched a rocket Kavoshgar-4 «(Researcher-4»). the Iranian news agency IRNA reported. There is test capsule on board. Confirmation that run from other sources has not yet been reported.

Previous Iran space launch took place in February 2010. Then also reported that the missile «Kavoshgar-3» has launched to the orbit with a test capsule. Later it turned out that was sent into space capsule with living organisms — turtles and worms.

Specifications of the new missiles, as well as its predecessors, are kept secret. According to Western experts, the support length of 27 meters, weighs 85 tons and has a few steps (the exact number is unknown). It is believed that «Kavoshgar» is a modification created in 2003, the Iranian Shahab-3 missiles.

The first launch of «Kavoshgara» was held in August 2008. Then it was reported that a rocket launched to orbit a satellite. Later it became clear that the withdrawal was unsuccessful, and in fact on board was just the layout (the first Iranian satellite, Sinah-1, placed into orbit in 2005, a Russian carrier rocket Kosmos-3M). Iran’s first satellite sent into orbit on their own in 2009.

Iran’s space program has been criticized by Western experts because of its «military purpose». In this case, the official Iranian authorities claim that the program is peaceful. For example, today the Iranian Space Agency is busy forming its own constellation.

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