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ISS - "Endeavor": the eighth day of joint flight

Continuing joint flight of the International Space Station and an American ship, the «Endeavor» STS-130

Today, astronauts Robert Behnken and Nicholas Patrick made the third spacewalk, the final for crew of the shuttle.

Spacewalk started in 05 hours 15 minutes Moscow time (02:15 GMT) and lasted 5 hours and 48 minutes. While working on the outer surface of the station, astronauts have installed the hydro and electric cables between the module «Tranquility» and hermetic adapter PMA-3, was removed from the heat protection module «Kupola» and was transferred to the protective cover of its windows from the transport position to working and installed railings on module "Tranquility .

Thus, the astronauts completed all work scheduled for the 140-th spacewalk of the ISS program.

Recall that on February 19 will be held the ISS orbit correction by means of the ship «Endeavor» (the beginning — 09:18 Moscow time).

February 20, the Endeavor undocking from the ISS. Landing ship is scheduled for February 22

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