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NASA has completed the making of a new carrier rocket Ares I

American Space Agency (NASA) has completed the making of the new launcher «Ares I» (Ares I). The prototype missile «Ares IX» (Ares IX) is set to launch pad Kennedy Space Center, according to a press release agency.

Test flight of the missiles is scheduled for October 31. It will last 2.5 hours. At «Ares IX» installed about 700 sensors that will allow engineers to obtain important information about the flight characteristics of the missile. In addition, the agency will be able to test equipment launching pad and a willingness to serve the new missile command.

When you create a missile engineers had to overcome many technical problems. One of the difficulties encountered when creating a «Ares», became a strong vibration in the first moments of the missile after launch. To address this issue, NASA engineers have proposed to equip the missile with special springs. The upcoming test should show whether this measure is to have proper effect.

Launchers «Ares» developed by NASA under the program «Constellation» (Constellation). It also provides for a spacecraft «Orion» (Orion), which should replace the shuttle. At «Orion», astronauts will be able to get to the ISS, and — potentially — to the moon. Realization «Constellations» turned out to be much more cumbersome and costly than originally anticipated. Thus, the first launch date «Ares» repeatedly postponed. Eventually she was appointed in 2015, although recently an information that, in theory, could take place at the start of the year before.

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