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Spacecraft "KvettsSat-1" ready for testing

In the assembly and testing facility in pl.92a-50 representatives of foreign clients have begun to receive the spacecraft (SC) «KvettsSat-1», which was delivered on the eve of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. It is planned that the unit will now be unloaded from the container and set on a working place for further training.

Spacecraft «KvettsSat-1» manufactured by U.S. company SS / Loral to order the operator SES Global and is designed to provide communication services in Mexico, as well as North and Central America.

Launching of the «KvettsSat-1» is scheduled to perform in September 2011 with the carrier rocket «Proton-M» and the upper stage «Briz-M» (Khrunichev im.M.V.Hrunicheva).

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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