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By the end of 2011 in Russia will be created new spacesuits

By the end of 2011 in Russia there will be creted new spacesuits for spacewalks by NPP «Zvezda», Interfax reports.

Customer new spacesuits is the Federal Space Agency, which NPP Zvezda contract. Cost of works is 68 million rubles, and they should be held in April 2010 to December 2011. Created spacesuits will be used on the International Space Station as part of the Russian Federal Space Program for 2006-2015.

Earlier, the head of NPP «Zvezda» Sergei Pozdnyakov told the correspondent of «Interfax» that the new space suits will be equipped with automatic termoregulirovaniya.Takzhe he reported that the rubber shell space «clothing» will be replaced with polyurethane, which will greatly increase durability and extend the life of a suit. Currently, astronauts are working behind the station in spacesuits Orlan-M ".

In the morning on June 21 in the media took the news that experts NPP «Zvezda» together with colleagues from RSC Energia plans to radically change the design of the descent module of the future Russian spacecraft. Instead, rescue suits, in which astronauts are now in flight to the ISS, they will sit in special germokapsulah, where necessary, tightly closed. However, Pozdnyakov added that while plans for the establishment of such capsules are only at the level of ideas.

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