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Endeavor astronauts completed the third spacewalk.

American astronaut Dave Wolf (Dave Wolf) and Chris Cassidy (Chris Cassidy) back on board the International Space Station after the six works in open space. NASA has reported.

The third way astronauts «Endeavor» into space ended on Thursday, July 23, at 00:31 Moscow time. Reported that repair work in space should last longer, but had to return astronauts to the ISS due to the small of higher carbon dioxide in the suit life of Chris Cassidy, who came out in open space for the first time. For Dave Wolf became the seventh output.

Previous astronauts out into space, held on 20 July 2009, was dedicated 40 years of boarding Americans to the Moon.

In the history of the ISS it is 128 th out of astronauts in open space. The total duration of all exits in the space on the ISS is now 798 hours and 30 minutes.

Astronauts repaired the insulation on the Japanese module «Kibo». However, Wolfe and Cassidy was unable to replace all six batteries on the ISS as planned. It was expected that the replacement batteries and other repairs, astronauts will continue during the new exit to space. Under misii STS-127 to the ISS, carried out by seven members of the crew of an American shuttle «Endeavor», is scheduled for two more outputs. Total at work 13.

«Endeavor» docked to the station July 17, 2009. Starting shuttle was carried out with the sixth attempt.

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