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Shuttle Atlantis undocked from the ISS.

At 11:22 on the North American Eastern time (19:22 Moscow time). Shuttle Atlantis undocked from the ISS, the website reported NASA. By 19:51 the shuttle circled completed space station to photograph the changes in its configuration, and then went to the Earth.

Prior to the administration of the combined space shuttle crew of ten people gathered for the video to Earth. Then, six members of the last mission, «Atlantis» said goodbye to four members of the ISS, headed by Oleg Kotov, and at 8:43 hatches battened down the shuttle.

May 24, six members of the crew will check the latest safety systems of the spacecraft before the end of its last 12-day mission. Landing of Atlantis is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26.

The crew of Atlantis was on the ISS for more than seven days. During this time, astronauts made three spacewalks. As a result of the work astronauts extended the station, setting the Russian docking and cargo module «Dawn». In addition, they have strengthened the external casing ISS six new batteries, radio-controlled robotic arm and other equipment.

The total mass of the station, including the newly installed components, is about 370 tons. Residential space in the orbital laboratory mounted on a 98 per cent. Complete construction of space station crews to shuttle «Discovery» and «Endeavour». The last output of the space shuttle is scheduled for September and November 2010 respectively.

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