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To save the Mars rover Spirit has joined the second twin brother.

Specialists of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working out tactics save rover Spirit, decided to use more than one rover. About the new stage of work on a rescue rover from the sand is reported in the press release on the site laboratory.

Until now, engineers have worked with one copy of the rover performed a life-size. Using two devices will intensify the search for the desired consistency. Both twin Spirit is not loaded with scientific equipment. Since the gravity on Mars is lower than on Earth, the absence of the extra mass allows scientists to better reproduce the conditions of the Red Planet. All tests were carried out specialists in the tank, filled with a material that resembles a Martian sand.

However, as noted by engineers in the terrestrial laboratory is absolutely impossible to adequately simulate the environment in which the Spirit is on Mars. In addition to the lesser gravity, Martian atmosphere is more rarefied than the Earth, and in the soil is much less moisture.

Spirit Wheels are mired in the Martian soil in March 2009. Under the belly of the rover is a large stone, so the wrong action to save the apparatus can lead to the fact that he tightly «sit» on it. In this case, rescue rover will be almost impossible. Assess the current situation of stone, scientists were able, after Spirit took pictures of his backyard under the microscope, located at its mechanical manipulator.

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