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The ISS crew has got direct access to the Internet.

American astronaut Timothy Creamer worked on connecting the station to the Internet during the month since get to the ISS. On Friday, he wrote the first in the history Post to Twitter from space.

Previously, the ISS crew could post to Twitter via intermediaries — the message sent to Mission Control Center in Houston. Also, the astronauts periodically in touch with family and friends with a special IP-telephone line.

Now, in order to go on the Internet, the inhabitants of the station enough to include a laptop. Communication is still installed in Houston, where astronauts for a dedicated server connected to the internet, but going into the network they get free rein.

Representatives of NASA, expect that the innovation should raise the morale of the crew, especially those astronauts, who are far away from family and friends for a long time. In the Mission Control Center are hoping that the inhabitants of the ISS would not abuse the network leisure.

Disciplinary requirements for astronauts, the same as for other employees of NASA, working on Earth. Stay on the Internet should not distract them from their current work "- said the representative of NASA.

In Cremer on board the ISS at the moment, there is another American, Jeff Williams, a Japanese copulation Noguchi and two Russians Oleg Kotov and Maxim Suraev.

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