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The most accurate map of Mars have posted in the Internet .

In the Internet have posted the most accurate to date map of Mars. For its preparation, scientists used the 21,000 photographs taken by Mars Odyssey orbiter for eight years. A brief description of the map is given in a press release on the website NASA.

For photos use the camera THEMIS (Thermal Emission Imaging System — the camera, creating an image based on the analysis of thermal radiation) mounted on the Mars Odyssey. Using a special program combining imaging and experts were able to remove distortions in the final map associated with singularities of the camera optics.

The spatial resolution map is 100 meters for the entire territory of the Red Planet. For certain regions of Mars, there are cards with a higher resolution, but the new map is the most detailed of the existing global maps of Mars. Moreover, anyone can manually improve the map, correcting the image on the site Be a Martian.

More recently, astronomers have for the first time a complete mapping of the surface of Mercury — the closest planet to the Sun the solar system. It was compiled using about a thousand photographs taken by probes «Messenger» and «Mariner 10».

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