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NASA fix the date of the new attempt launch of Discovery.

NASA will make another attempt to launch space shuttle «Discovery» Friday, August 28, at 08:22 Moscow time, reports AFP. By the morning of Friday, told representatives of the National Aerospace Agency of the United States, experts expect to resolve the technical problems found in the valve of the fuel tank.

Originally launched «Discovery» was scheduled for 09:36 Moscow time on August 25. However, due to unfavorable weather conditions in the spaceport at Cape Canaveral space shuttle launch, it was decided to postpone to Wednesday, 26 August, at 09:10 Moscow time. Several hours before the second attempt in the audit «Discovery» identified the problem with the valve of the fuel tank. Then representatives of NASA announced that the launch is delayed at least 48 hours.

Shuttle launch «Endeavor», who visited in orbit in mid-July 2009, has been postponed five times as due to poor weather conditions, and because of technical problems.

«Discovery» should be delivered to the ISS six astronauts, including Nicole Stott, who will replace Tim Koper, who arrived at the station on «Endeavor». Mission «Discovery» should last for 13 days. During this time in orbit, astronauts from the «Discovery» plan to make three EVAs.

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