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South Korea's first satellite was not put into the orbit.

South Korea’s first satellite, aboard the launch vehicle KSLV-1 (Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1), did not go into the desired orbit, said local agency Yonhap. Causes of failure in the device are not reported. Start KSLV-1 took place on August 25, at 12:00 Moscow time.

Korean Minister of Science and Education clarified that the separation of the first and second stages of the launch vehicle was successful. For unknown reasons, the satellite collected the extra height and reached orbit at 360 kilometers. The height of the calculated orbit of 302 kilometers. At the moment it is unclear whether the satellite danger to other vehicles circulating around the Earth.

Earlier, the representative of the SPC Khrunichev, which experts participated in the creation of the rocket, said that the satellite successfully launched into orbit. His words are cited by RIA Novosti. The satellite weighs about 100 kilograms and is designed for monitoring the state of the atmosphere and ocean.

This was already the seventh attempt to launch the South Korean carrier rocket with the satellite. The very first launch date was set for 2002. The last time the launch was canceled 19 August 2009 for a few minutes before the appointed time. The reason was the failure of the software sensor, which checks the state under high pressure fuel tanks.

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