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"Atlantis" in free flight.

Shuttle Atlantis was launched on November 16 with a crew consisting of: Commander Charles Hobaugh, the pilot Barry Wilmore, and mission specialists Leland Melvin, Randolph Breznik, Michael Foreman and Robert Satcher.

During the joint flight of the spacecraft and the ISS was carried out three EVAs, prepare for the docking of the American module «Tranquility,» and made a number of tasks for maintenance and resupply the station.

In addition to six crew members, who started on the «Atlantis», returned to Earth, Nicole Stott, after three months’ work at the station. Thus, the participants completed the rotation of the major expeditions to the ISS using the shuttle. Now change all members of the crew will only be Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft.

Landing of space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled Nov. 27 at 17 hours 44 minutes (14:44 GMT).

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