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Cassini photographed the momentary eclipse of the moon of Jupiter.

Apparatus Cassini photographed the eclipse of one of the moons of Jupiter — Tefii. The pictures, made at intervals of one minute, see how she hides behind the disc of the fourth satellite of the gas giant — Dione. High-resolution pictures and brief details are available at the mission «Cassini».

The pictures are well visible on the surface of the crater Odysseus Tefii. Its diameter is 400 kilometers, while the diameter of the moon is about 1.6 thousand kilometers. In addition, it is evident that the dark part Tefii, located opposite the sun, still slightly lit. This reflected light that comes from Saturn (it is located right at the top of Tefii and Dione). Dion does not get reflected light.

At the time of shooting Tethys was removed from the apparatus Cassini at a distance 2.6 million kilometers, and Dion — a distance of 2.2 million kilometers. All the images in the optical range were made by one of the cell apparatus with a small viewing angle. Spatial resolution for Tefii is 16 kilometers per pixel. For Dion, this figure is 13 kilometers per pixel.

At the end of last year, astronomers that supervise mission Cassini, were transferred from the apparatus of Jupiter’s satellite photos short film. In the film, a gas giant orbiting satellites now and then hiding each other, creating a feeling of dance.

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