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The inhabitants of the ISS has repaired oxygen generator

The inhabitants of the ISS repaired oxygen generator OGS in the American sector of the station, twich failed in early July. This is reported in the daily progress report on the International Space Station.

The device is repaired July 22 Shannon Walker astronaut. As described in the report, there are 23 of the system OGS (Oxygen Generating System — a system of generation of oxygen) has worked with 100-percent efficiency. According to experts, a possible cause of failure of the generator could be a blockage of several elements in its hydrogen-dome.

OGS system broke down on July 5 — the device turns itself off several times. While the oxygen generator in the U.S. sector was not working, the station supplied with this gas generator «Elektron», located in the Russian segment (in April 2010 he also broke, but it was fixed within a few days).

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