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The last space shuttle launch postponed until November 2010.

The last space shuttle launch postponed from September 2010 to November. Reported portal Space.com. Now the last shuttle, which will go into orbit, would not «Discovery», which, as planned, will start on September 16, and Endeavour. Previously it was assumed that the Endeavour will fly to the ISS on July 29.

Scientists decided to shift the timing of the need to replace one of the components of the device to search for particles of antimatter and dark matter — the alpha magnetic spectrometer AMS-02, which will carry into orbit the shuttle Endeavour. The device «catch» the particle, curving trajectory of their movement with the help of a strong magnetic field and thereby directing the particle to detectors.

It was supposed that the field will be produced by a superconducting magnet, but now experts have decided to replace it with an ordinary magnet. To maintain the superconducting magnet in working condition it must be cooled to extremely low temperatures, and it uses liquid helium. The supply of helium will last for a couple of years, after which the AMS-02 will be not functional. Normal magnet produces a weaker field, but can work much longer.

After the shuttle mission, American astronauts will fly to the ISS on Russian spacecraft Soyuz. The new space transportation for NASA will develop private space companies. This decision is part of the new U.S. strategy for space exploration.

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