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ExoMars start moved for the third time

Start the European apparatus for the study of Mars ExoMars moved a third time. This information appeared on the portal BBC News. The new date of launch vehicle for the study of Mars is scheduled for 2018.

The development of ExoMars — Mars, equipped with a large number of scientific instruments to carry out various experiments, oversees the European Space Agency (ESA). Among other things, the unit will have a special drill, which will allow him to examine the samples did not lying in the surface layer.

Show ExoMars in space will have a European launcher Atlas V. In 2018 relative position of Earth and Mars will help launch the Red Planet massive loads.

Originally the unit was to go to the Red Planet in 2011. For the first time moved to the launch in 2013, in 2008 — to 2016. The reason for changing the date of launch in all cases was a shortage of funds for development. Financial difficulties also led in part to cut the functionality of ESA Mars.

In early July, U.S. and European space agencies have agreed on a joint program of exploring Mars. The space agency decided to combine their efforts precisely in order to jointly cope with the financial burden.

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