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The first spaceship has docked to the "Rassvet" module

Soyuz TMA-19 crew vehicle was redocked from Zvezda instrumentation compartment to Rassvet docking port.
The operation was carried out manually by Soyuz commander Fiodor Yurchikhin. Russian crew vehicles also serve as safe haven for the station crews, that is why flight engineers Shannon Walker and Douglas Wheelock were also in the vehicle helping the commander.
Three other crew members- ISS commander Alexander Skvortsov, Mikhail Kornienko, Tracy Caldwell Dyson — were in the station following the redocking operation.
Due to technical reasons, Soyuz TMA-19 departure from the station was delayed and occurred at 11:13p.m. Theautonomous mission lasted about 25 minutes. Contact of the vehicle with the station occurred at 11:38 pm.
The docking port on the Zvezdas instrumentation compartment is to be occupied by the Progress M-06M cargo vehicle, which is scheduled for launch from Baikonur on June 30.

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