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The Cassini Probe Has Began A New Saturnian Mission

The Cassini Probe began a new phase of its mission, called «Solstice», which runs until September 2017 inclusive (the earlier planned to extend the mission until May 2017). This was reported in the press release the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at NASA.

In May 2017 in the northern hemisphere of Saturn will be the summer solstice, and his observations Cassini began during the winter solstice in 2004. Thus, the probe will be able to monitor the full cycle of seasonal changes on the planet.

In addition to studying global seasonal changes in Saturn’s Cassini will continue to monitor the rings of the gas giant. In addition, the device transmitted data will help professionals better understand the properties of Saturn’s magnetosphere.

Probe Cassini reached orbit the gas giant in 2004. Originally it was planned that his mission will last four years, but in 2008 it was extended to September 2010. This was done, in particular, to Cassini was able to explore the Saturn at the time of the equinox. Unusual lighting conditions at this event allowed the scientists to get a lot of unique photographs, in particular to capture the storm in the gas giant and take pictures of irregularities in the «relief» rings.

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