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Proton-M with an American satellite has launched from Baikonur

From the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the early morning on December 29 launched rocket Proton-M with the U.S. satellite DirecTV-12, Interfax reports.

The rocket, told representatives of the press service of Khrunichev Khrunichev, was launched from Baikonur at 3:22 Moscow time. At the estimated time, about 10 minutes, «the orbital unit of Briz-M» spacecraft and DirecTV-12 was launched into suborbital orbit "a source told Interfax.

Further removal of the spacecraft, they added, will be implemented through five inclusions sustainer engine booster. From launch the rocket to launch satellites into orbit will be calculated at 9 o’clock 10 minutes, reported the press service GKNPTs Khrunichev.

Satellite DirecTV-12, designed by Boeing, is designed to provide communication services, internet and digital TV available to the U.S. mainland, Alaska and Hawaii.

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