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"Endeavor" astronauts launched into orbit minisatelites.

Shuttle «Endeavor» astronauts launched into orbit, four minisatelites. The two devices are the models for testing new technologies, while another two are to study the atmosphere.

The first pair of satellites is integrated into the system as DRAGONsat. Two mini must demonstrate the potential of new technology and contact connections in space without the participation of people. Both apparatus were developed by students of University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas A & M.

In the second place, astronauts launched two satellites in the mission ANDE 2. Both have the same machine almost perfectly spherical shape, but their weight varies. Observing the variations of their orbits, researchers can assess the density of Earth’s atmosphere.

Launching of satellites was the last task that should have been implemented shuttle crew. In addition, during the 16-day mission to the International Space Station astronauts «Endeavor» carried out five EVAs in open space, which completed the installation of the Japanese laboratory module «Kibo».

Shuttle «Endeavor» undocked from the ISS on Tuesday, July 28. Space shuttle brings to Earth Japanese astronaut Koichi Vakatu. Instead, it will remain on the ISS American Timothy copra (Timothy Kopra). Landing on the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida is scheduled for Friday, 18:48 Moscow time

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