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Shuttle Dickaveri launched to the ISS with the fourth attempt

U.S. Space Shuttle «Discovery» was launched to the International Space Station, reports AFP.

Takeoff was from the Kennedy Space Center, located at Cape Canaveral in Florida on Friday, August 28, at 23:59 local time (Saturday, 29 August, at 07:59 Moscow time). On board the shuttle were the seven astronauts.

Since August 25, 2009 launch of the spacecraft was postponed three times: due to technical problems and weather conditions.

According to NASA, space shuttle to the ISS will deliver new equipment, including sports invertar and freezers, as well as food supplies. It is expected that docking «Discovery» with the ISS will occur on August 31 at 05:03 Moscow time.

Mission «Discovery» last 13 days. Two members of the shuttle crew plans to perform three EVAs, the duration of each withdrawal will be six and a half hours. The purpose of outputs — for renovations to the ISS

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