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NASA engineers dragged out detail wich get stuck in the shuttle Atlantis.

NASA engineers managed to extract a part, getting stuck in the shuttle cockpit «Atlantis» between the windows and dashboard. Details of operations are listed on the portal Nasaspaceflight.com.

During the planned inspection of shuttle after its return from orbit in May 2009, specialists of the American space agency found that between windows number five and instrument panel are extraneous detail. It turned out that in a narrow slit (a gap of no more than 6.3 centimeters) hit the handle of the lamp, through which the lighting device is mounted on a special console.

The most obvious way to get a handle — to disconnect the dashboard — was retained as a fallback option. If it had to resort, then scheduled for November 12 Launch «Atlantis» is likely to have to be postponed.

Engineers were trying to extract detail by other methods. In particular, they tried to gently move it manually, as well as cool the handle to minus 23 degrees Celsius, edge the hadle with briquettes of ice (specialists expect that chilled handle sozhmetsya and they can get it). Eventually the third way led to the success: in the cabin «Atlantis» were raised pressure, the gap between the window and the dashboard has increased, and they managed to pull out detail. In the near future, engineers will examine the window for damage using boroskopa.

In theory, engineers could leave everything as is and do not draw a hadle. However, NASA did not do so, citing a decision that stuck with extraneous detail, they will not be able to adequately assess the reliability of the ship, with an overload.

Shuttle Crew «Atlantis» held next (the fifth) telescope «Hubble» repair. This flight was one of the most dangerous in the history of space shuttles due to the increased likelihood of collision with space debris. As a result, shuttle mission was successful, apart from the fact that it landed repeatedly postponed due to weather conditions.

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