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Telescope Kepler found Earth-like planet.. / February 4, 2011 /

Telescope Kepler discovered planets the size of Earth, applying to the habitable zone of their stars, as well as a system consisting of light and six planets. These are the results of five months of operation of the telescope — from May to September 2009, specifically «sharpened» to search for exoplanets. Detailed results are presented in an article in the journal Nature, and their brief retelling is set out in the press release at NASA.

In total, Kepler found extrasolar planets in 1235. Size 68 of them compare to the size of Earth, and 288 belong to the so-called Superzemel (ie, they are our planet, but much less than gas giant planets solar system). Another 662 of the planet by diameter comparable to Neptune, the 165 — to Jupiter, and 19 of the celestial bodies found more of this gas giant.

In the so-called habitable zone of their stars are detected 54 of Kepler planets. Habitable zone is called a distance from the light, inside of which the planets may be present, liquid water — a necessary element for life of Earth-like. The size of the five planets from the habitable zone is comparable to the size of Earth — that is, they are the most promising candidates to search for living beings.

Another interesting finding of the telescope — like the sun star Kepler-11, around which the appeal six planets. This is the largest of the known planetary systems (not counting the solar system).

Kepler was launched into space in May 2009. He is looking for extrasolar planets using the transit method — Telescope captures the «winks» stars, when they drive pass the planet. In total, Kepler continually looking at 4.5 million suns.

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