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"Phoenix" was given last chance to discover themselves.

NASA gave the Martian probe «Phoenix» last chance to give tongue — from 5 to 9 April , 2010 message from it will try to find Mars Odyssey.

A new attempt will be the third in the past four months. The previous two, we recall, ended in failure because the orbiter was unable to detect a signal Phoenix.

Scientists emphasize that the probability of «hear» Martian probe quite low. This is due to the fact that the apparatus was not designed for the Martian winter, which he had to survive on the surface of the Red Planet.

«Phoenix» worked at the north pole of Mars from May to November 2008. During this period he studied the characteristics of the soil of the Red Planet, researched the atmosphere, and found the water. Last communication with the probe held November 2, 2008.

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