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Scientists have begun the ground stage of Mars Spirit rescue

Specialists of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and NASA have begun maneuvers to rescue the double Terrestrial Martian probe Spirit. This was reported in the press release at NASA. Earlier twin deliberately stuck in a special sand basin in the laboratory.

Researchers tried to make the situation with the double as closely as possible resemble the situation with the apparatus Spirit on the Red planet. Scientists hope to develop on Earth maneuvers that will help Mars to escape. Specialists have begun with the easiest maneuver — trying to go forward.

Scientists have prepared a special wooden container with sand, which is tilted with the same angle to the horizon as a surface on which the moving Spirit. Despite the fact that the tests only began, researchers now argue that the release of the device should not be expected in the coming weeks.

Most recently, Spirit used a microscope mounted on its arm to make a series of photographs of his «belly». This was done to determine whether the head unit ground — this will depend on the approach to the NASA specialists maneuvers to save Mars. Spirit trapped in the Martian soil in May 2009.

Mission Mars Exploration Rover, where the couple went to Mars identical Mars Spirit and Opportunity, launched in 2004. The purpose of the expedition is to study the geological and mineralogical composition of Martian soil and search for signs of water. It was assumed that 90 days of elaborate apparatus, however, more recently, they noted a five-year anniversary.

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