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Shuttle Endeavor fly to the ISS on 13 June

NASA has called the date of «Endeavor» launch to ISS. The launch is scheduled for June 13 at 15:17 Moscow from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

«Endeavor» crew: Mark Polansky (3rd space flight) — the commander of the crew; Douglas Hurley — the pilot; David Wolfe — a flight specialist; Julie Payett — a flight specialist; Christopher Cassidy — a flight specialist; Marshbern Thomas — specialist flight. In addition to ISS will arrive Timothy Copra — the new flight engineer of Expedition. He should be replaced insted of Koichi Vakata. In the Endeavor crew — four novice astronauts: Douglas Hurley, Christopher Cassidy, Thomas Marshbern and Timothy Copra.

The objectives of the flight:

In the ISS:
— Delivery and installation of the last components of a Japanese research module «Kibo».
To be mounted external experimental platform (Japanese Experiment Module — Exposed Facility, JEM-EF) and external non-watertight section (Experiment Logistics Module — Exposed Section, ELM-ES). Together, these two sections make up is an experimental platform, which is located on the outside of the module «Kibo». This untightened site will be experimenting with different materials in the ambient space. At the end of a cylindrical shape module «Kibo» there is a lock chamber, through which the experimental material will be made of the module and installed on the outside of the experimental platform. The results of the experiments through the lock chamber will be entered into the pressurized module.
To perform these operations on the outside of the Japanese module has a robot manipulator, similar to the same, as established in the shuttle or ISS. Until now, to make a station or put in the experimental station of materials required to implement the output of astronauts in open space.
 — Delivery of spare block batteries for section P6 fermernoy design station (installed at the station in 2000). The cargo compartment of the Shuttle, spare batteries are enshrined in the universal design of the cargo (Integrated Cargo Carrier — Vertical Light Deployable, ICC-VLD).

In the autonomous flight:
— Conducting various experiments
— Launching spacecraft DRAGONSAT (Dual RF Autonomous GPS On-Orbit Navigator Satellite) and ANDE-2 (Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment-2).

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