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Khrunichev Center is promised to begin serial production of "Hangar" in 2012

. / 24 June, 2009 /

Scientific and Production Center Khrunichev promised in 2012 to establish serial production of the Russian launchers «Angara». The statement was made by Press Secretary Alexander Bobrenev center. His words were quoted ARMS-TASS.

Production of carrier rockets will be launched in Omsk Production Association «flight». The goal is to produce light rockets and five rocket universal modules for the class of heavy missiles. By 2015, annual production should reach 60 units for the ten space launchers heavy class «Angara 3.2» and ten launchers light class «Angara 1.2». The plans for the year 2020 is the production of 120 universal missile units per year.

According to general director of «flight» Gregory Murahovskogo, «is already in the parent company supplying components for the new missiles, and Khrunichev Center has begun testing ground units and individual units carrier». First start launcher «Angara» is planned for 2011 with the launch «Plesetsk».

«Angara» is a family of Russian launch vehicles based on the universal rocket module with oxygen-kerosene engine. Load capacity of various classes of missiles ranging from two to twenty-four tons. «Angara» shall replace the launchers «Proton», the first of which was launched in 1965.

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