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NASA has started sea tests of model of a new spaceship.

Engineers NASA have started sea testing of model of a new spaceship «Orion» , informs Space.com referring to the official representative of agency.

Now the capsule breadboard model passes test in the high sea. It becomes for training of a command of engineers and rescuers to which should work with the future device. According to a portal, tests are spent in 32 kilometres from coast of Florida. Thus engineers try to carry out tests in various weather conditions to capture all possible variants приводнения. Before the breadboard model has passed a series of tests in special pool in controllable conditions.

Let’s remind that official demonstration of a capsule of the new ship «Orion» on March, 30th has taken place. It was accessible to a review within days before the National museum of aircraft and astronautics.

«Orion» is the spaceship of new generation calculated on 4-6 astronauts. It is developed within the limits of the program «Constellation» (Constellation). It is planned that «Orion» will be used not only for delivery of the American astronauts on МКС, but also for sending of people on the Moon. The first flights of the new ship are planned for 2015.

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