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"Progress M-10M" sank in the Pacific

Transport spaceship «Progress M-10M» was sunk on 29 October in non-navigational area of ​​the Pacific, reports «Interfax» referring to the Mission Control Center near Moscow Queen.

Saturday afternoon the ship was undocked from the module «Pirs» of the International Space Station, after which its engines were disabled. «Progress» came down from orbit and began to fall to Earth through the atmosphere, in which he almost completely burned down. Surface of the ocean reached only ship refractory elements.

«Progress M-10M» was launched from Baikonur, April 27, 2011. He brought to the ISS in 2645 pounds of cargo. The place was flooded shuttle to the ISS will «Progress M-13M», launched from Baikonur with the carrier rocket «Soyuz-U» is scheduled for October 30. Docking of «Progress M-13M» to the module «Pirs» is scheduled for November 2.

Source: Lenta.Ru

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