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The Carrier rocket "Proton" with a space apparatus "Nimik-5" is established on a starting complex. / September 15, 2009 /

On 95th platform of the cosmodrome Baikonur today – the first starting day under the schedule of preparation for start of a carrier rocket «Proton-M» with a space apparatus «Nimik-5».
Special train delivered rocket with SA from a assembly test complex to «zero» platform of a starting complex where there has passed installation rocket with SA. Rocket export is carried out strictly under the schedule. Experts of the Center of operation of objects of a land space infrastructure of Roskosmos at the cosmodrome Baikonur have competently executed all operations. Clearness in work and high qualification of the personnel, the fulfilled technology of preparation and manufacture of starts – all also involves it on the Russian cosmodrome of foreign customers of starting services.
About it spoke in conversation with our correspondent and Vladimir Bronfman, the director of international program FGUP «the State space research-and-production centre of a name of M.V.Hrunicheva» where create carrier rockets «Proton-M».

— Start of a carrier rocket «Proton-M» with a space apparatus «Nimik-5» should take place on September, 17th at 23 o’clock 19 minutes of 19 seconds of Moscow time, and across Greenwich is in general magic number: 19-19-19.

«Nimik-5» it is intended for operation by the Canadian company. It already our sixth start under its order. In the long term, if start appears successful – on what we hope – the company offers us two more new contracts. For the sake of this purpose we will try, that a carrier rocket with разгонным the block have deduced the Canadian telecommunication companion into the set orbit.
These contracts are favourable to our Center of a name of Hrunicheva and for Russia as a whole. In our cooperation of 600 enterprises, and we reasonably share with them the incomes.
It is far not the first and not last contract with foreign customers, — Vladimir Bronfman continued. Recently from the cosmodrome in Republic Korea start of a space carrier rocket which everywhere was made comments as start of a South Korean rocket has taken place. Actually 1st its step has been made at our enterprise and is a prototype of our new space carrier rocket «Angara». It much more will surpass our «Proton» In power and ecological characteristics, — Vladimir Bronfman has told.

During lifting and installation of a carrier rocket «Proton-M» with a space apparatus «Nimik-5» on a starting complex Victor Petrovich Remishevsky, heads of the enterprises, representatives of the customer of space services.


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