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"Progress M-11M" continues to autonomous flight

Experts Mission Control Center (Korolev, Moscow reg.) Continues to work with the cargo ship «Progress M-11M.»

The ship, which undocked from the International Space Station August 23, 2011, continues its devyatisutochny autonomous flight. All of the «Progress M-11M» functioning normally.

Tomorrow on board will be held the first session geophysical experiment «Radar-Progress», aimed at identifying spatial and temporal dependencies of density, temperature, ionic composition of local inhomogeneities of the ionosphere, resulting from the work motor vehicle.

Reduction of the ship «Progress M-11M» in orbit is scheduled for September 1

Press-service of Russian Federal Space Agency and the PMU

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

URL : http://www.ntsomz.ru/news/news_cosmos/prog1_290811
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