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Digital "Progress -02" in to KS

Late at night on Tuesday the Russian cargo ship «Progress -02», the Baikonur started from the cosmodrome on May, 7th, in to the International space station (S), reports «Interfax».

As have told in Control centre of flights, independent flight of «Progress» proceeded five days instead of usual two that experts could conduct flight tests. They have come to the end successfully. Joining has passed in the automatic mode, all systems of the ship have fulfilled regularly.

During flight of first digital «Progress» in the end of 2008 supernumerary situations have been fixed some, reminds agency.

Onboard a spaceship there are 2,25 tons of various cargoes. In have specified that cosmonauts will open transitive the hatch and will start «Progress» unloading nearby 14:30 environments Moscow time.

Source: Lenta. Ru

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