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On the flight tests of space radio "Spektr-R"

In the NPO. Lavochkin Association experts continue flight tests of space radio telescope (MCT) «Spektr-R» in accordance with the planned program. The onboard systems are functioning normally, ground control communicates with the SC as usual.

With the passage of the perigee in the area next possible connection tracking stations in Pushchino, with the spacecraft was successfully carried out a test signal transmitter reception of two channels VIRK (transfer of scientific information and the synchronization of the board and the Earth).

In addition, work continues on debug mode set «Plasma-F» modes of operation planned inspections onboard control complex.

In order to study the effects of the sun relative to the axes of the spacecraft on the temperature distribution on the surface of the «spectrum» of the reorientation of the satellite carried.

Work is continuing to test modes of operation of CMT and to prepare for his work in the next pericentre.

Press-service of Russian Federal Space Agency and the NPO. Lavochkin

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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