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The Union TMA-M has undocked from the ISS

On March, 16th, 2011 at 07 o’clock 27 minutes Moscow time (04:27 GMT) the piloted ship «the Union TMA-M» with crew as a part of cosmonauts of Russian Space Department of Alexander Kaleri and Oleg Skripochki, and also the astronaut of NASA Scott Kelly has undocked from port of module MIM-2 of the International space station.

As now the modernized piloted ship «the Union TMA-M» passes flight tests, after its withdrawal from the ISS carrying out of the test of the ship in a manual mode is planned.

When the ship will depart from the ISS approximately on 50 meters, its «lag» will be executed, and then the commander of the ship Alexander Kaleri approximately within five minutes will test manual control mode forward and a ship rotary motion.

A bit later the impulse on withdrawal of "the Union TMA-M» from station will be given out. Then the crew will pass to an independent mode of flight.

According to cyclogramme descent of the ship from an orbit at ten o’clock 03 minutes of 17 seconds will be made inclusion of its impellent installation on braking. Under the settlement data of ballistic service of Control center of flights, division of the ship into compartments is expected at ten o’clock 27 minutes of 57 seconds.

The ship lander «the Union TMA-M» should land at ten o’clock 53 minutes in 86 kilometers to the north of a city of Arkalyk in Kazakhstan.

Russian Space Department Press-service

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