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Crews TPK "Sojuz TMA-16" continue preparation at the cosmodrome Baikonur

At the cosmodrome Baikonur in a test training complex of scientific research institute CPK (the platform 17) proceeds preparation of the basic and duplicating crews of the transport piloted ship «Sojuz TMA-16» which start to the International space station is planned for September, 30th of this year

Today M.Suraev, J. Williams, Gi Laliberte, and also worked as A.Skvortsov, S.Uoker, B.Barret with materials on experiment of «Ekon» which is conducted on ISS, studied board documentation TPK «Sojuz TMA-16», fulfilled on a training apparatus manual joining TPK «Sojuz TMA-16» with station.

Besides it the preparation program included traditional health inspection, physical training, preparation for weightlessness on ortostole, pneumomassage, water procedures and walk.

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