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The assembly of the head space to run with "Zenit-2SB" completed

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome, work continues in preparation for the launch of a launch vehicle (LV) «Zenit-2SB» with the upper block (RB) «DM-SLB» and telecommunications spacecraft (SC) «Intelsat-18» («Intelsat 18»).

Today in the assembly and testing facility site rocket 31 completed assembly of the head space (HGC) — the spacecraft «Intelsat-18» with the upper stage, «DM-SLB» in the installation («rolling») fairing. After completion of electrical testing and final processing operations, HGC will be overloaded at the shipping platform and transported to the 42nd platform for docking with the rocket booster.

Launch space rocket «Zenit-2SB» with the upper stage, «DM-SLB» and telecommunications spacecraft «Intelsat-18» is scheduled for October.

Press-service of Russian Federal Space Agency and KC «Southern»

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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