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Japan completely shocked.. / August 14, 2009 /

A lot of eartqukes at the first half of August in Japan: four powerful earthquakes. A conclusion on the west coast of Japan hit by typhoon «Etau», victims were 18 people. For security purposes, after the August 10 earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 were stopped two blocks of NPP «Hamaoka» 160 km from Tokyo. The number of victims more than 110 people.

At that time ask the question: Is it possible to predict these natural phenomena? The answer is yes: Yes, you can, with an error on the date to 2 days, and the localization of the place — at the appropriate coordinate measurements. So, the test for 2-week period of August in Japan, four strong earthquakes (ZMT):

1. 05.08.2009 — (24.2, 125.1) — 6.1 — Ryukyu
2. 09.08.2009 — (33.1, 138) — 7.1 — Honshu
3. 10.08.2009 — (34.7, 138.2) — 6.4 — Honshu
4. 12.08.2009 — (32.7, 140.4) — 6.6 — Izu

Our analysis showed — they were all launched during the magnetic storm July 22, 2009, respectively, after 2 and 3 weeks (+ — 2 days), Annex 1. Storm was unusual. It coincided with the maximum solar eclipse (02:35) was the most powerful since the beginning of 2009 (geomagnetic indices Cr = 6, Dst = -83) and struck by its suddenness. Visible solar phenomena that can run such a storm, not detected. The acceleration of plasma in the magnetospheric tail on the data of satellite measurements has not yet been identified. If there is no sun, then what was the reason? And given that in accordance with our concept, the same storm ZMT launched in the Gulf of California 03.08.2009 M6.9 and M7.6 Andamanah 10.08.2009, its uniqueness even more surprising.

On the future seismic events in Japan on August 9, signal abnormalities protons, measured at the art. Kosmometeotektonika in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky our colleagues from the distance education (Director B. Bobrovsky). In Japanese stations elektrotelluricheskih measurement anomalies were observed. August 10, over an area Izu-Boninskogo trenches were detected cloud seismotectonic indicator A, B (Annex 2, satellite 1-4). August 10, typhoon «Etau» dramatically alter the trajectory, which is also an indirect sign of revitalization of the block (see Appendix 2, Figure 7). Extent of cloud structures (OS) over an area of ZMT given the potential magnitude M7.0 +. The lifetime of the OS (A) ~ 10 hours as indicated in the preparation of powerful ZMT. Really has 3 events with a magnitude of 6.4-7.1.

In the future, researchers do not just turn to seismic events in Japan in August 2009, in particular, interesting results can be expected on the radiosonde in the OLF and VLF ranges. In this direction, starting joint research specialists IFZ im. OY Schmidt (Rozhnoy A. Molchanov O., etc.) and NC OMZ. Traditionally, to be interesting ionospheric features, using GPS technology. But now we can say definitely: coherentness signs will be 9-10 August 2009

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