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The threat of a catastrophic earthquake in Japan is preserved.

Daily monitoring and analysis of predictors of earthquakes in seismic zones of Japan supports the conclusion about the possibility of a massive earthquake (a message from 5.10.2011). Analysis, evaluation and possible scenarios of geophysical conditions in Japan have been given in the report, Doctor phis. and math A. Lyubushin Sciences (IPE) and the message Doda L. (NTS OMZ) at a regular meeting of the Russian Expert Council (RES) October 18, 2011. Some of the assessments and conclusions of the geophysical (seismic) conditions in Japan are presented in Appendix 1.

We note some features of the data shown in the composite.

First, the shift of cloud seismotectonic indicators (EQ cloud) in the zone of potential danger (blue-violet color) Method A. Lyubushin. A similar effect was observed on space photos before the catastrophic earthquake in Japan in September 2003. and March 2011. It has a prognostic value.

Second, the relationship of powerful earthquakes at the Amur and the Philippine plates with potential seismic events in Japan. Confirmation of this earthquake in New Guinea, 14.10.2011 (M6, 7) and the Amur region (M6, 1). They came running from one seismomagnetic meridian (aggregate of geomagnetic flux tubes).

Third, the most informative, as in previous cases, observing the EQ clouds, were satellite images from satellite Meteor-M. That largely extends the scope of use of remote sensing data from satellite Meteor-M, in the presence of technology, thematic data with evidence of earthquakes, which was developed in NTS OMZ.

Appendix 1 (pdf, 470 Kb)

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