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To earthquake in Italy.. / April 23, 2009 /

/ on April, 13th, 2009 /
Powerful earthquake and destructions has occurred to victims on April, 6th, 2009 in the central part of Italy. From revelry of underground elements were lost more than 300 persons. The historical city of Akvila in the field of Abrutstso (the Appendix 3) has undergone to the greatest destructions.

The city of Akvila has been constructed in XIII century, however the city centre has been completely destroyed after earthquake of 1703 Previous powerful ЗМТ in Italy there were 26.09.1997, 31.10.2002 Have remained terrible memoirs about ЗМТ 23.11.1980 in the south of Italy with magnitude 6.9. Then was lost to 2700 persons.

Experts of the Center have analysed possible signs of preparation of earthquake. Results of the analysis are presented on космокарте in the Appendix 1. In the block of processes of preparation ЗМТ anomalies of Chandlerovsky fluctuation of a pole of 25.03.2009 and 01.04.2009 both correspond to proton and электротеллурические responses to the same dates (the Appendix 4) appear. Cloudy seismoindicators And and In in pictures «Aqua» and «Terra» gave potential magnitude of M = ln 550 = 6.3 that has coincided with real magnitude. The meridian of start from 25.03.2009 from equatorial longitudes 5/-175 degrees gave potential dates on April, 8th or 15 +-2 days. Real event has occurred on April, 6th. The 6-fold harmonic from 26.09.1997 In a news media also has worked has passed the message on the forecast given ЗМТ, given out by the Italian researcher Z.Zhuliani (G. Giuliani) (the appendix 3). He lives and works in Akvile. In January it had been noticed abnormal variations of the radon which maximum was showed some days prior to ЗТ. We will notice, since 1997 радонометрические supervision are spent to Italy under the direction of the Russian researcher O.Rjazhskoj from which we have desire to communicate. In particular, us the question interests: whether anomalies before ЗМТ and were observed 1997 2002? Our signs give a similar picture.

Let’s notice that next day (07.04.2009) have occurred powerful ЗМТ on compare Kuriles with М6.9. Together with experts дистантной schools «Космометеотектоника», Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, experts of the Center within 2 months carried out monitoring of the Smoked-Kamchatka zone. The fragment of supervision is presented in the Appendix 2. A curious detail, and in this case the cloudy seismoindicator (on космоснимке 7 from 25.03.2009 has given exact magnitude of M = 6.9. The cloudy structure () within 2,5 days signalled also about possible eruption of a volcano on Kamchatka and the Kuril ridge, as there were 30.03.2009 on an island of Paramushir. The volcano of Ebeko was thrown up.

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