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Geophysical situation in Japan

Analysis of geophysical situation (seismo-tectonic) in Japan still causes concern. This conclusion is confirmed by the detected anomalies in gravitational, georotational, telluric and protonic indicators classes and also by the cloud seismotectonic indicators (Annex 1,2,3). Situation amazinly resembles the one before the Tohoku mega-earthquake of March 11, 2011.

Along the boundary of the Philippine plate several strong earthquakes occurred. The most significant of them were Okinava EQ of November 8 with M6.9 and Molucca Sea EQ of November 14 with M6.3. Both events are launched after the one seismomagnetic meridian of 122/-58 on 14th and 21st day after the geomagnetic storm of October 25. Launch of strong event in Japan may be initiated by the geomagnetic disturbances of November 12 after 21 day, that is November 22232 days. As a whole, the possibility of strong earthquake remains till December 15, 2011.

Annex 1 (pdf, 950 Kb)

Annex 2 (pdf, 1.1 b)

Annex 3 (pdf, 1.2 b)

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