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The earthquake forecast for Kamchatka.. / January 23, 2009 /

The analysis of the geophysical data for last week has shown possibility of strong earthquake on Kamchatka till February, 1st, 2009. Seismo-magnetic conditions in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone for January, 23rd 2009 are presented on космокарте (the Appendix 1) . Signs of preparation of powerful earthquake are revealed. Some of them are presented in the Appendix 2 .
We Will pay attention to synchronism of anomalies on January, 19-21th in three classes of signs. After powerful earthquake on average Kuriles on January, 15th to magnitude of M 7.4 and deep in sea of Okhotsk on November, 24th, 2008 with M 7.3 according to Soboleva G. A’s tectonic scheme there can be in a current of 2-3 months a strong earthquake on Kamchatka.

We will notice, since January, 21st life-saving services of Kamchatka improve the knowledge and actions on case ЧС. As the minister of special programs of the Kamchatka edge Sergey Habarov «has noted training has regular character and is not connected with any adverse forecast». Training will come to the end on February, 2-3nd with regular training. In this case our forecast, as they say, «in a theme» also supplements a tactical background of training.

On what mister Habarov in the electronic letter 21.01.2009 has been notified.

Monitoring and the analysis of geophysical conditions in the Smoked-Kamchatka zone proceeds.

Appendix 1 (pdf, 636.9 kb)

Appendix 2 (pdf, 573.3 kb)

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