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Geophysical Environment in Japan

The NTS OMZ experts in concert with the colleagues from the Center „Prognoz“ of the Tula State University, and from the «Kosmometeotektonika» School (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) carry out the daily monitoring and analysis of the geophysical environment in Japan. The geophysical environment remains extremely tense. Several signs are presented in the composite image of Annex 1. On 4 November there were observed the significant anomalies in 5 classes of sings. On 5 November there were revealed cloudy seismotectonic indicators of quadrilateral form in space images (Annex 2) warning of powerful seismic event forthcoming. On the whole the situation bears a strong resemblance of the abnormal geophysical events occurred before the Tohoku EQ, 11 March 2011.

The Japanese geophysicists consider several scenarios of the situation development. Two of them are given in the paper by K. Mogi (Annex 3).

Dr. A. Lyubushin made the regular estimate of microseismic activity (pp. 32-36) in the Japanese zone. This activity arouses a growing alarm with each chunk of microseism data (the last as of 31.10.2011).

Annex 1 (pdf, 594 Kb)

Annex 2 (pdf, 390 Kb)

Annex 3 (pdf, 2.1 b)

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