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Earthquake in Okinawa: First Alarm Signal

Powerful earthquake occurred in coastal zone in Okinawa (Japan) on 8 November. Its magnitude was 6.9, depth was 209km, and intensity in Okinawa was as much as 4 points. There were no reports of tsunami, injury or damage.
Our experts consider this event as the first alarm signal of more powerful earthquake pending. As an attendant event, it hit the expected zone P1 (report dated 2.11.2011). The estimated magnitude was measured by cloudy indicator extent () ~ 1170km of 7,10,2. The real magnitude was found to be 6.9. The reflection of stress-strain state of the regions tectonic areas in cloud field is shown in composite images (Annexes 1, 2).
There is clearly seen against the background of EQ cloud (B) the reflection of electro-magnetically activated northern part of the Okinawa Plate in cloudy indicator field (1) in the TERRA image underwent value-added processing

Annex 1 (pdf, 585 Kb)

Annex 2 (pdf, 236 Kb)

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