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Seismic survey in May and trends of its development in June. / June 1, 2011 /

May of 2011 was not marked by strong seismic events. Nevertheless, the two earthquakes in Spain on May 11 and in Turkey on May 19 have regrettable consequences with victims and destruction. Analysis of these events were devoted to messages on the site of 13/05/2011 and 23/05/2011. In addition, actual experiments were conducted to check the effect of geomagnetically meridional directivity of the seismic process. The experimental results are presented in Annex 1,2.

On May 28-29, there was a powerful geomagnetic storm that can launch a series of strong earthquakes. Their possible areas are presented on the map in the Annex 3. The most concern may be caused by the seismic activity in the Kuril-Kamchatkan (Okhotsk Sea) zone, the Taiwan-Philippines region and in the Mediterranean. Geophysical indicators of earthquake preparation are given in Annex 4. In every of the marked zones it is being perfomed the continuous monitoring of cloud cover in order to identify cloud seismotectonic indicators (CSIs). A fragment of results of such monitoring and revealed CSI in the Okhotsk Sea area is given in Annex 5. CSI has length of 1150 km which gives the potential magnitude of 7.0 +.

On satellite images of May 29 cloud seismotectonic indicators were found in the Taiwan-Philippines region. Corresponding seismomagnetic start-up meridian is shown on the situation map of Annex 3. Let’s note that this map can serve as a kind of seismic roulette in a game with nature. In this game everyone can stake on some circle, depending on the level of his knowledge in this area and corresponding experience of earthquake prediction. After lining up of EQ chains along start-up meridians, we can recognize their activation and make the appropriate corrections to the forecasts. The result of similar game is presented on the map in Appendix 2. The main conclusion is the following: three seismomagnetic meridians launched three significant seismic events in Spain, Turkey and Kamchatka Peninsula in 2-3 weeks on 14- or 21-days harmonics with date error of ± 2 days. Also a chain of other earthquakes along the meridians was launched, which allowed to assess meridian activation. The current game is supposed to be hold in the similar way. Results will be presented in a subsequent message.

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