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Results of the third phase of the experiment.

In June,it was held the third stage of the experiment to assess the relation of seismic and geomagnetic activity.Seventeen seismomagnetic meridians were calculated, corresponding to the geomagnetic disturbances of June 2011. They, launched 36 earthquakes with magnitudes over 4.9 in 2 or 3 weeks in accordance with the regularities of the testable seismotectogenesis concept (Appendix 1). Aftershocks of the most powerful events (Honshu, Fox Island, Kermadec and others), having magnitudes greater than 4.9, but less than 6.0, were not considered.

The most significant seismic events were the following earthquakes:
1) — June 24 — M7. 2 — Fox Islands;
2) — June 24 — M6. 3 — Santa Cruz Islands;
3) — June 26 — M6. 4 — Papua New Guinea;
4) — July 6 — M7. 6 — Kermadec Islands.

All of them have meet the requirements of the testable hypotheses. The most effective seismomagnetic meridians were the one with longitudes on the equator of 164-174/-16-6, -53-56/124-127, -19-14/161-166 degrees. The strong earthquake on the Kermadec Island with M7, 6, was launched as a result of strong geomagnetic disturbances of June 12-14 on 21 2 days. The second in strength earthquake occurred on the Fox Islands was launched by the geomagnetic disturbances of June 4-6 also on the 21 days harmonic.

The experiment continues.

Appendix 1 (pdf, 420 Kb)

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