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Powerful earthquakes hit Japan

The most powerful earthquake in the country’s history occurred on March 11 on the northeast coast of. Honshu. Magnitude estimated at 8.9. The earthquake caused a tsunami wave of 10 meters height . On the consequences of the information is not yet final, but in any case they are disastrous.

This mega-earthquake was predicted by Dr. Kosobokov in its long-term prognosis, as well as our colleagues from the Tula State University Centre «Forecast» , led by Dr. Martynov. Tula forecasters addressed the letter of warning to the Japanese Embassy about the possibility of a catastrophic earthquake is in the coordinates of the event at July 2010. Response from the Japanese geophysicists not followed.

Will return directly to the occurring earthquake and featured in its preparation. The first signal was a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 09/03/2011. Geophysical characteristics of the event appeared on March 2 in the classes of gravity, georotatsionnyh, telluric and proton characteristics. The most significant abnormalities were observed on March 7 (Annex 1). Cloud seismotectonic indicators are presented in Annex 2. Their manifestations are particularly interesting, from 18 to 22 February. In this interval of 18 February there was a powerful geomagnetic storm that launched these earthquakes. A powerful geomagnetic splash on March 7 completed the two events. In Appendix 2, see Seismomagnetic meridians run these events. Two of them gave the potential date of 4 or 11 March 2 days. Real events have occurred 9.3 — M7, 3, and 11.3 — M8, 9.

In NTs OMZ gained some positive experience in the Japanese zone (messages dated June, 30 2010 and July,5 2010). Before the powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, a day before the earthquake of September 25, 2003 with the M8, 3 Japanese side was given topically treated with kosmosnimok «Meteor-3M» (Annex 3). Alas, further cooperation has not received due development.

We do not exclude the continuation of a series of catastrophic earthquakes in other seismic regions of the planet. In particular, a special concern are the possible events in the Sumatra-Andaman. Forecast for this zone extended to 31 March with the same parameters.

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