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Andaman islands, magnitude 7.6 - the repetition of the scenario in December 2004 in Sumatra. / August 12, 2009 /

Preparation of this powerful earthquake specialists tracked over a half months.

So break out at August 10, with a magnitude of M7.6. Extreme message at NC OMZ was 06.08.2009, with a warning of possible heavy event.

ZMT-depth analysis of the geophysics will be conducted later. But it is clear the following. Launch events took place during a powerful storm July 22, 2009 with the meridian 75/-105 deg. 21-day harmonic (+ / — 2 days.). At 14-day harmonic ZMT were launched in the Gulf of California August 3, 2009 M6.9. In a comment to this event pointed out the accompanying data zhennost events on the power tube launch.

Previously, the link Sumatrano-powerful Javanese ZMT and seismic events on the eastern border of the Australian plate. Events on Andamanah preceded by a powerful ZMT in N. Zealand 15 Jul, 2009 with M7, 6. And 26.07.2009 in the Andaman region occurred a series of 43 ZMT with a magnitude of 4.5-5.2. A similar situation was before the disastrous Sumatra ZMT at 26 December 2004, killed more than 300 thousand people. We do not exclude the continuation of a terrible script with Krakatau volcanic activity which emerged in late July.
Cloud seysmoindikatory training at ZMT Andamanah presented in Annexes 1, 2. They provide the potential magnitude M7.4 +. The actual event was M7.6, which is within the accuracy of the method. Date also was a permissible error of + / — 2 days.

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