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First results of the June experiment

Experiment on checking out the hypothesis of relationship between geomagnetic and seismic activities gave another positive result..

Seismic in the first half of June.

The May experiment prolongation of testing the hypothesis that magnetic north-south direction of the seismic process has brought new interesting results..

Seismic survey in May and trends of its development in June

May of 2011 was not marked by strong seismic events..

Amplification of seismic activity in Italy.

May 24-25, there was a sharp increase in seismic activity in central Italy..

About earthquakes in Western Turkey

A powerful earthquake struck May 19 in western Turkey..

Analysis of the characteristics of the earthquake in Spain.

The strongest earthquake in a half century occurred on May 11 2011. in Spain..

The threat of a powerful earthquake in Iran still remain.

Ongoing monitoring and analysis of signs of preparation of the earthquake in Iran. Analysis of geophysical features (Annex 1) allows us to maintain the threat of a powerful earthquake in southern Iran. The same signal cloud seismotectonic indicators (Annex 2), found over the south of Iran, April 23-27, 2011..

The threat of earthquakes in Iran.

Analysis of geophysical features suggests the possibility of a powerful earthquake in southern Iran.

Ground-space monitoring and prediction of earthquakes. New results and experiments

Prepared a new article about prediction and earthquakes signs monitoring results and experiments.

Powerful earthquake in Myanmar.

To the death and destruction led a powerful earthquake in Myanmar (Burma) at March 24, 2011 Its magnitude was 6.8..

Russian «Meteor» satellites observe the signs of Japanese earthquakes.

For two powerful earthquakes in Japan 25 September 2003 and March 11, 2011 NTs OMZ`s specialists and experts observed cloud signes of impending disasters..

Powerful earthquakes hit Japan

The most powerful earthquake in the country’s history occurred on March 11 on the northeast coast of. Honshu..

Sumatra can be shaked a little. Seysmic indikators on satellite images by «Electro-L».

From the Russian weather satellite «Electro-L» on February 28 has received the image. NTs OMZ`s experts marked out cloud seismotectonic indicators over an area of Andaman-Sumatra.

About the realization of the forecast and the devastating earthquake in New Zealand.

According to our forecast of 16.02.2011 on the eastern boundary of the Australian plate 02/21/2011 2 powerful earthquakes occurred on the Fiji and New Zealand.

The threat of a powerful earthquake

Analysis of cloud seismotectonic indicator detected on satellite imagery over the Australia coastal zone , may signal the approach of a powerful earthquake.

Disturbed February.

A series of strong earthquakes occurred in the first half of February.

Seismic Danger in Central America.

On the west coast of Mexico and Central American region, the danger of a major earthquake has emerged..

Analysis of the characteristics of a powerful earthquake in Pakistan.

The January 2011 marked by intensification of seismic processes on Earth.

Surge of seismic activity

Current Week marked a sharp surge of seismic activity..

Italy may be shaked once again

omprehensive space-ground monitoring of the seismically hazardous regions of Italy revealed several indicators of strong earthquake preparation..

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