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The results of the third phase of the Mediterranean seysmic forecast experiment.. / November 15, 2010 /

In RES 09/10/2010 has been declared the forecast of a Earthquake possibility with M7.0 in the areas of R = 7 ° with the center (40 °; 10 °) in Italy (40 °; 25 °) in Greece..

About Earthquakes in Serbia and Turkey.

An earthquake with magnitude 5.4 occurred on the night of Wednesday November 3, 2010 at 00:56 in central Serbia, killing two people..

Powerful earthquake in Indonesia

At October 25, 2010 in Indonesia, a series of powerful earthquakes with magnitudes 7.7 / 6.1 / 6.2 to the southwest of the island of Sumatra has taken place..

Gulf of California was shocked

A series of earthquakes occurred on 20 October in the Gulf of California..

Italian experiment continues

The seismic situation in Italy cause serious concern again.

An earthquake in Italy

Imperceptible earthquake occurred on September 17 in southern Italy. Its magnitude was 4.4, but the intensity reached 3.4 points, it was palpable..

By conditions in the Vrancea zone

Seismic conditions in Vrancea area is becoming alarming..

Is another seismic catastrophe coming?

Analysis of complex geophysical data carried out by the expert group NTs OMZ, the Tula State University Center «Forecast», and the School «CosmoMeteoTectonic» (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) points to the preparation of a powerful earthquake before October 1 (Appendix 1)..

Will there be an earthquake in Ukraine?.

With an enviable constancy in the Ukrainian media appears shocking information about the threat of Ukraine’s devastating earthquake..

Earthquake in southern Italy

A strong earthquake in the Aeolian Islands, southern Italy occurred on Aug. 16, 2010..

Seismic week.

Seismic Week 9-16 August was rich in the earthquake..

Seismic conditions in Greece

6-8 August 2010 there was noticed a surge of seismic activity in Greece.

Forecast for Kamchatka came true

Stated in the Russian Expert Council on July 19 2010 forecast of strong earthquakes in Kamchatka came true. Real earthquake occurred on 30 July in the coastal area of Kamchatka, ~ 110 km from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The city felt tremors force 4-5.

About the realization of seysmic forecast in Greece

Declared in Russian Expert Counsil 28 May 2010 of strong earthquakes forecast in Greece, partly justified: the date and place — exactly in magnitude — no (declared 6.4-6.9 actually 4.7 (4.9)).

Powerful earthquake in Japan.

The NTs OMZ, the Tula State University Center «Forecast» and School «CosmoMeteoTectonic» apprehensions are fulfilled..

Cloud seismotectonic indicators over Japan.

Analysis of global geophysical conditions and localization of potential seysmic zones by cloud indications point to Japan..

Seismic situation last week

In general, the situation was relatively calm. Among the strengths of events worth mentioning earthquake in the Solomon Islands on June 26 with magnitude 6.7..

For seismic conditions in southern Greece

Identified on spaceshots June 22-23 seismotectonic indicators leave no doubt in preparation of a powerful earthquake in the Mediterranean area.

On the current geophysical conditions

Our forecast for the Mediterranean seismotectonic zone increases by several factors..

An earthquake in Southern California.

The second decade of June was awarded a series of strong earthquakes..

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